Safer, easier semi trailer and truck entry

Stop struggling to climb into your semi trailer

Climbing into the back of a semi trailer is hard work. In fact, trying to get in or out of a trailer in adverse weather conditions, or in any conditions for that matter, is full of risks, whether it's slipping and falling or straining a muscle.

To solve this common problem, RETRAC introduces the HighRise™ folding rear entry step: an ergonomic, auto-stowing, universal step that provides safer, easier, two-step access.

HighRise Semi Truck Step

HighRise™ folding rear entry step

HighRise™ #409924 is an innovative rear entry step that features an auto-stowing design to avoid damage, grate steel treads for exceptional traction, a universal design to fit virtually any 4" bumper beam and a 600-lb. weight capacity.

HighRise™ is the smarter way to access your cargo area. It provides lower two-step access to your semi trailer, box truck or flat deck, and it promotes worker health and wellness, as well as greater speed and efficiency on the job.



How it works

Step 1 - Install Step on 4-Inch Bumper

Step 1

Install the step onto the 4" bumper beam of your trailer. The step will fit most semi trailers, box trucks and flat decks.

Step 2 - Fold Step Down

Step 2

Fold the step down whenever you need access to the rear cargo area and enjoy safer, faster, easier two-step entry and exit.

Step 3 - Fold Up Step for Transport

Step 3

Fold the step up when you're done. If you forget, no problem! The step auto-stows upon contact of an obstruction, protecting it against damage.


HighRise™ features and benefits

Features HighRise Tractor Trailer Step


Innovative engineering of HighRise™

Folding Semi Trailer Step

Auto-stow design

The integrated roller at the bottom edge of HighRise™ is your safeguard against accidental damage. If you forget to stow it before backing up, the roller acts as a buffer and uses the step's hinging mechanism to auto-stow the step as it makes contact with a loading dock or other obstruction.



High Traction Semi Trailer Step

Reliable traction

The HighRise™ rear entry step has two steps built into its design, providing the easiest possible access. Each step is made up of a grated steel pattern that locks onto your boots or shoes. Even when wet, the grated steel offers the utmost traction, and the steel won't wear down like plastic alternatives.



Strong Steel Step Construction 600 Pounds

High-strength build

HighRise™ is rated with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. This ensures plenty of strength for a dependable step, even if you are carrying a load. It is constructed with 7-gauge steel and welded into a compact design to allow versatile application and ease of use. For corrosion resistance, the step is also covered in a yellow zinc finish.


How to install HighRise™ in 2 steps

Step 1: Place step onto 4" bumper

HighRise™ is built with a universal design, allowing it to fit onto virtually any 4" bumper beam. The minimum pocket size for the step in the stored position is 12.8" wide x 12.25" deep from the back of the bumper. Also, 15.75" is needed from the bottom of the bumper to the deck, and 6.25" ground clearance is required below the bumper.

High Rise Semi Box Trailer Step Dimensions Space

Step 2: Install the four included bolts

HighRise™ can be bolted onto the bumper beam in minutes, using just four bolts. The bolts, nylock nuts and washers are all included with the step and can be secured with a basic ratchet set. The simple, four-bolt installation also allows the step to be removed if needed.

Semi Trailer Bolt On Step Mounted Bumper



What size bumper does HighRise™ fit?

HighRise™ fits virtually any 4" bumper beam.

Will HighRise™ only work on semi trailers?

Because HighRise™ fits virtually any 4" bumper beam, it can be installed on most semi trailers, box trucks and flat decks. It does require a certain pocket size to allow for proper folding operation (see below).

What pocket size does it fit?

At a minimum, when in the stored position, HighRise™ requires a pocket size of 12.8" wide x 12.25" deep from the back of the bumper. It also requires 15.75" from the bottom of the bumper to deck, and 6.25" ground clearance is required below the bumper.